By R Ford

Ebola has eventually arrived. it isn't a suprise to a person, the USA army has studied an Ebola outbreak in the USA for OVER 30 years. And, there are some things that you just will not be acutely aware of.

For example, you may no longer comprehend that:

EBOLA is extra contagious in chillier climates, within the iciness -than in tropical climates.

it truly is at the very least as contagious as Influenza A (COMMON FLU).

It takes an amazingly small quantity of the EBOLA virus to contaminate you.

In summary:

EBOLA is intensely harmful in NORTH AMERICA!!

If anyone with EBOLA sneezes and leaves the room, you can get EBOLA by means of strolling into that room – and taking only one BREATH.

Worse, EBOLA is admittedly much less contagious in Africa as a result of the hot wet air, in North the US throughout the wintry weather whilst everyone seems to be bundled up in constrained workplaces, faculties, and homes.. EBOLA turns into a NIGHTMARE!

FEARING....EBOLA What you need to Know:

In 1985 the safeguard Intelligence service provider (DIA) commissioned a three yr examine of the opportunity of the EBOLA virus within the usa. the consequences have been a 270 web page examine rfile OUTLINING the danger and devastation EBOLA may possibly inflict. In 1992 the newly appointed director of the DIA James R. Clapper (Currently Director of nationwide Inteligence), categorised the examine and SEALED it for 20 YEARS!

Flash ahead to January 2013, a retired usa military Captain, makes an strange Freedom of knowledge Act (FOIA) request to the DoD Freedom of data Act workplace. After numerous months, the retired officer gets a redacted yet, intact DIA learn document.

Fearing...EBOLA was once made from the DIA's personal lately UNCLASSIFIED research.

NO medical MUMBO-JUMBO...,.WHAT to DO...WHEN to DO IT...HOW to DO IT!


Broken DOWN and FOLLOWS the 5 phases of an EBOLA OUTBREAK.

History of the Disease-

What We Know-

What we're Afraid Of-

Stage I-Initial Appearence

Stage II-Controlled Outbreak

Stage III-Re-Emergence

Stage IV-National well-being Emergency

Stage V-Pandemic

FEARING.....EBOLA breaks down tips to establish each one degree. What the hazards are and the way you need to prepare.

DESCRIBES intimately STEPS that you can TAKE to guard your self AND YOUR enjoyed ONES!

-PLACES to Avoid

-ITEMS you want to have and STOCKPILE

-WHAT to not DO


-WHAT is secure, what's NOT

Knowledge is power...And wisdom CAN safeguard You and your loved ones from a NIGHTMARE EBOLA Outbreak!

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